School Captains

Main roles and responsibilities:

  • Attending Student Leadership Meetings regularly
  • Working collaboratively with Student Leadership teacher, Assistant Principal and JSC for school improvement
  • Attending the National Young Leaders Day
  • Participating in Staff Selection Panels
  • Participating in Selection Panels for future School Captains
  • Leading Special School Assemblies for example Remembrance Day
  • Leading in the presentation of Student Awards at weekly School Assemblies
  • Representing the school at community events
  • Presenting at Prep Information Sessions
  • Attendance at two School Council Meetings.

Junior School Council

Main roles and responsibilities:

  • Attending Student Leadership Meetings fortnightly
  • Communicating upcoming events to classes
  • Supporting School Captains in the promotion of community service
  • Liaising between classes and Student Leadership Team
  • Contributing and helping to implement ideas for school improvement with a focus on student engagement at Student Leadership Team Meetings
  • Speaking at assemblies
  • Leading in the organisation of whole school fundraising events.

House Captains

Main roles and responsibilities:

  • Promotion of physical activity
  • Attend and participate in regular meetings
  • School Sports Captains are to oversee all House Captains and ensure that they are following through on set sports projects
  • School Sports Captains are responsible for organising the PA systems and speakers for assemblies
  • Organisation and implementation of Lunchtime sports clubs and activities
  • Assistance with the implementation of whole school sporting events.

eSmart Leaders

Main roles and responsibilities:

  • Promoting cybersafety in classrooms
  • Monitoring the safe use of technology in classrooms
  • Completing a Digital Fluency and Citizenship Passport
  • Solving technical issues with technologies in classrooms
  • Teaching others how to use iPads, notebooks and Interactive Whiteboards appropriately
  • Organising and running Technology Evenings
  • Mentoring younger students in using technology safely.

eSmart Cybersafety Gallery

Our eSmart Leaders are leading the way in teaching our school community about cybersafety. Cybersafety is the safe and responsible use of information and communication technology. It is about keeping information safe and secure, but also about being a responsible digital citizen.

As part of their learning, they have created posters for our community on different aspects of cybersafety – including cyberbullying, securing personal details, and taking greater responsibility when playing video games. Included here is a gallery of some of the products that our eSmart Leaders have created on an iPad app called Pages.