Melton West Clubs

Before School Clubs

Breakfast Club

Time: 8:15 – 8:30
Day(s): Every Day
Location: BER Building

Come along and enjoy a free breakfast with the staff and students to kick-start the day!


Time: 8:30 – 8:45
Day(s): Every Day
Location: Science Room

DigiGrow provides students with an opportunity to learn to play and play to learn using Digital Technologies. iPads, Nintendo DS’s, a Nintendo Wii U and more are provided to allow students to grow into responsible 21st century learners. Please make sure your child has returned their ICT Acceptable Use Agreement.

Rad Readers

Time: 8:30 – 8:45
Day(s): Every Day
Location: Library

Get your reading goggles on! Rad Readers provides students with opportunities to read to a younger student or an adult. This is an incentive-based program and children are rewarded with certificates, vouchers and books when they attend for a certain number of times.

Monday Lunchtime Clubs

Art Club

Staff Member(s) in Charge: Sally Shoebridge

Explore your creativity and discover your inner artist with Ms Shoebridge!

Ping Pong Club

Staff Member(s) in Charge: Deena Henaway

Challenge your reflexes with some ping ping with Ms Henaway!

Tuesday Lunchtime Clubs

Dance Club

Staff Member(s) in Charge: Mallory Bland

Dance your socks off with Ms Bland!

Wednesday Lunchtime Clubs

Technology Club

Staff Member(s) in Charge: Ashlyn Butcher

Technology Club provides opportunities for students to engage with new software and hardware. Students may choose to learn how to make movies, code, etc. The choice is theirs!

Games Club

Staff Member(s) in Charge: Nadine Mills

Students are given opportunities to hone their critical thinking skills with various desktop games (card games, Monopoly, etc.) with Ms Mills.


Staff Member(s) in Charge: Jane McDonald & Jen Mega

Choir practise for students. Come and sing along with Ms McDonald and Ms Mega!

Thursday Lunchtime Clubs

Drumbeat (Select Entry)

Staff Member(s) in Charge: Vanessa Moore & Nadine Jankowski

Discover a new way of experiencing your body by learning to drum with Ms Moore and Ms J! Select entry only.

Friday Lunchtime Clubs

Colouring Club

Staff Member(s) in Charge: Jacinta Thunell

Relax and unwind with a bit of colouring with Ms Thunell!

Minecraft Club (Select Entry)

Staff Member(s) in Charge: Jayden Spudvilas-Powell & Ryan Bird

All students have one thing in common in this club: they just love Minecraft! Minecraft Club is designed for students to engage in contests and socialise together while playing the game of Minecraft on their choice of laptop, console or iPad. Select entry only.

After School Clubs



The Melton West Clubs provide a channel for reinforcing the lessons learned within and beyond the classroom, offering students the opportunity to apply social and academic skills in structured environments.

We provide a range of clubs and extracurricular activities before school, during lunchtimes and after school.

NOTE: Times, days and clubs provided here are subject to change according to the school’s timetabling needs and staff availability.

Physical Education

Moving, Interacting, Growing

At Melton West Primary School, we endeavour to provide our students with a love and passion for Physical Education and being healthy. We hope that this passion will continue to grow with them into their childhood, embedding a strong foundation for exercise and health into adulthood. We want to encourage curiosity with the life impacting choices they make.

Our Physical Education program aims to develop well-rounded individuals, able to succeed in all physical pursuits. We begin the year by teaching fine and gross motor skills, such as skipping, kicking footballs, using tennis racquets and playing team games, as well as encouraging team work and a ‘camaraderie rather than competition’ mentality. Later in the year we provide more individualised activities such as Swimming Lessons and Athletics, as well as team sports such as AFL.

We are lucky to be able to provide a variety of clinics, allowing children to experience these sports first hand from professionals.


Inspiring, Imagining, Creating

The visual arts program at Melton West Primary School is designed to carefully develop students’ creative skills, critical appreciation and knowledge of artistic techniques. Students build their capabilities through processes of visual inquiry, practice, exhibition and reflections of their own and that of others’ art works. The visual arts program at our school aims to develop students’ sense of personal and cultural identity.


Exploring, Investigating, Hypothesising

We want our students to develop a fascination and love of Science that continues to grow throughout their lives. We encourage curiosity, critical thinking and questioning so that students are able to make their own decisions about the world around them.

Our Science program is broken up into four units, one per term focusing on the following components of Science: Biology, Chemistry, the Physical Sciences and Earth and Space Science. Each year level builds upon the previous year’s knowledge in these areas of Science.

Our Science experiences support and link with student learning in our classrooms, reinforcing our school wide aims to improve student’s reading, writing and numeracy skills as well as developing the 21st century skills that they will need to be successful in the future. This is supported by our focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), which is currently being implemented throughout the school with support from trained Mathematics and Science Specialists.


Communicating, Understanding, Empathising

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